Package & Payment Options

C.A.R.L. can either be purchased or rented making it easy for anyone to enjoy the benefits of the C.A.R.L. Residential Lettings and Property Management system.

Esssentially, there's little difference between the rental and purchase packages: renting doesn't mean that you are denied access to some of C.A.R.L.'s more advanced features and purchasing doesn't mean that support is withdrawn as soon as you've signed the cheque. If it's more convenient for you to rent the system, then why not do so?

  • Purchase the system with a down-payment of £499* and then pay the balance over twelve equal payments.
  • Rent C.A.R.L. from as little as £80* per calendar month.

*Please note that prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

Package Details

  • C.A.R.L. Master Licence
  • Installation+ Remote Installation & System Optimisation
  • Connect (Upload to your own Website)
  • 50 Free Text Messages
  • System Letters & Reports
  • Dual Company Portfolio


New Client Support Package

  • Access to C.A.R.L. support team
  • System Updates and Upgrades
  • Legal Updates to System Letters & Reports

New Client Training Package

  • One User Setup Telephone Training Session
  • Two Remote Training Sessions
  • One Day's Onsite Intermediate Training