Right to Rent Checks - Updated Guidance

Right to Rent Checks - Updated Guidance

The Right to Rent Checks guidance for residential tenancies in England has been updated by The Home Office. However, there are concerns the updated guidance does not reflect advice given in the Code of Practice.

The new guidance relates to individuals from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the USA (a group known as B5JSSK) planning on staying in the UK for up to six months and who can enter the country using eGates without requiring a visa.

Landlords will only be required to see their passport and airline ticket as proof that they can rent property. However the new arrangement with the UK Border Force means that passports will not be stamped to show the date of entry and the documentation provided by the individual may not meet the existing criteria for the Right To Rent Checks.

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For more information please see below:

ARLA's Guide for Right to Rent in Relation to Visitors from b5jssk