New HMO regulations for north of England council

New HMO regulations for north of England council

New HMO regulations are coming into effect in a north of England council.

Landlords and developers in parts of the Wigan council area will now need planning permission to convert properties into houses of multiple occupations.

This will be enforced in Swinley and central Leigh following residents' feedback about the rising number of HMOs in those areas.

Previously only a change of use from a house to a large HMO of more than six people required planning permission. A change of use to a small HMO for between three and six people did not.

Now the council has formally adopted an Article 4 direction, meaning HMOs of any size in those two locations will only be considered through the planning system.

A council spokesman says: "Historically, we have only been able to manage larger size HMOs, however, this new direction will give us more opportunities to manage the development and quality of HMOs in the two areas where they are most prevalent."

There are currently 105 known HMOs in the borough and the main concentrations are in Swinley and central Leigh with 30 and 24, respectively.

The spokesman adds: "We appreciate that HMOs provide a form of low-cost, flexible housing, particularly for younger people and those on lower incomes, but there are concerns associated when the number of HMOs is increasing in a concentrated area. Such concerns include the impact on parking provision, excess noise, impact on the physical environment and changes to the character of a residential area.

"To ensure that future planning applications for HMOs provide quality accommodation, whilst mitigating the impact on existing residents, a supplementary planning document is also due to be created to aid developers and landlords, providing clear guidance on appropriate HMO accommodation standards."


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