Council Secures Funding to Target Rogue Landlords

Council Secures Funding to Target Rogue Landlords

Bristol council have secured nearly £200,000 of funding from the Government's Controlling Migration Fund to tackle rogue landlords who exploit immigrants.

The council have established a 'Rogue Landlord Unit' to crackdown on landlords who don't maintain properties to the right standard.

The council said Bristol has a particular problem with recently-arrived people moving to Bristol - often asylum seekers and economic migrants - who end up in sub-standard accommodation, unlicensed homes in multiple occupancy and unofficial hostels.

The council have a strict licensing system with landlords in many areas required to register, and for HMO's to be registered separately, but the system still needs enforcing and the money from the Government will continue to fund that team.

A council spokesperson said part of the Rogue Landlord Unit's work is to make sure tenants know their rights about living in safe and well-maintained homes.

"Our Rogue Landlord Unit continues to carry out hugely important work in Bristol offering extra protection and support for tenants and tackling unlawful practices by landlords and traders and extra funding will help the team expand the scope and priority of their work.

"We are very clear that everyone has a right to a safe and secure home and we hope the cases we have prosecuted so far will continue to send a clear message to rogue landlords and traders that unlawful practices will not be tolerated."

Cllr Paul Smith.

The Controlling Migration Fund was announced in November 2016 to support local areas facing pressures linked to recent immigration.

More than £100 million has been earmarked for specific projects to date. The fund also helps with initiatives such as helping new arrivals learn English or supporting care leavers to access education.


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