Labour wants no evictions for arrears due to Coronavirus

Labour wants no evictions for arrears due to Coronavirus

Labour says the government should ban evictions for people who fall behind on their rent due to Coronavirus.

John Healey, the shadow housing secretary, is publishing draft legislation which Labour is urging the government to adopt immediately.

The new law would mean any non-payment of rent due to Coronavirus would not count as legal grounds for eviction.

The party claims it would cover over 20m people – eight and a half million households – who rent their homes from private, council or housing association landlords, including three million households with children.

A statement from the party says: "The move would bar landlords from evicting tenants who are off work and not getting paid due to Coronavirus, by changing the legal basis on which landlords can seize possession of a rented property to exclude arrears which have built up due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic."

It would initially cover any arrears that accumulate between March 1 and September 1 "with the option to be extended as necessary."

Labour says two thirds of private renters and more than eight in 10 social renters have no savings, according to government data.

"The coronavirus pandemic requires a rapid response from the government to protect families" says Healey.

"Our current threadbare legal safety net means renters are vulnerable to eviction if they get ill and fall behind on their rent. The fear of being evicted may also mean workers are reluctant stay off work and self-isolate.

"Our emergency legislation would protect renters from eviction and we urge the government to work with us to adopt it and implement it at the earliest opportunity.

"This is an essential first step in public reassurance, giving people confidence they can follow official health advice in responding to coronavirus without putting their home at risk."


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