Rental Reform - New Government White Paper (England)

Rental Reform - New Government White Paper (England)

Proposals outlining the biggest changes to the private rented sector in more than 30 years will be made public by the Government today.

The White Paper includes commitments to: 

  • Convert Assured and Assured Shorthold tenancies into periodic tenancies, that can be ended by the tenant with two months' notice and by landlords with a legitimate reason
  • Abolish Section 21 and introduce new possession grounds for landlords
  • Extend the Decent Homes Standard to the sector
  • Create a new Private Renters' Ombudsman to settle disputes informally
  • Introduce a new Property Portal to support landlords – and to provide information on rogues
  • Abolish rent review clauses (while retaining the ability to increase rents annually)
  • Outlaw blanket bans on renting to families with children or tenants on benefits
  • Incentivise landlords to accept tenants with pets
  • Reform and speed up the court process.


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