RICS issues a warning to government

RICS issues a warning to government

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors have told the government to "stop meddling" in the private rental sector.

RICS' policy manager, Tamara Hooper, says: "Persistent government meddling in the private rented sector has dampened landlords' appetites to invest and expand their portfolios, with many consolidating their assets, or leaving the sector altogether."

And she adds: "In addition, the regular changes to the PRS regime have decreased stability and standards for tenants. The government needs to stop tinkering with PRS activity – through misguided eviction processes, taxation and fees - and help provide a careful balance between landlords and tenants' rights".

"This will encourage more landlords back to the market as well as ensure that tenants, including those who are most vulnerable, are not at a disadvantage in being able to find a suitable and affordable home to rent."


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