Changes to lettings regulations in Scotland

Changes to lettings regulations in Scotland

There have been more changes to lettings regulations in Scotland due to the coronavirus.

The Scottish Government has passed the Coronavirus (Scotland) Acts (Amendment of Expiry Dates) Regulations 2020 which extends the changes to the notice periods to th 31st March 2021.

All the grounds for possession in private residential tenancies, assured tenancies or short assured tenancies, and the section 33 notice, remain discretionary and the changes to the notice periods also continue.

A statement from ARLA Propertymark's strategic development manager, Daryl McIntosh, for Scotland, says: "As there seems to be no signs of the Coronavirus abating, it is not a surprise the Scottish Government has extended these protective measures to help ensure people do not lose their homes during these times, whilst also affording landlords with an opportunity for possession of their property should they require it."

The Scottish Government has also updated its guidance on moving home.

Fundamentally, this reiterates the fact that professionals and tradespersons who are required to enter people's homes to facilitate a home move, can continue to do so.

However, they must adhere to the safety measures in the moving home guidance and the Propertymark best practice and guidance on house viewings, moves, and maintenance. The emphasis remains firstly on virtual viewings, and secondly on limiting the number of people able to access a property.

ARLA says: "If anyone in a chain is affected by additional COVID-19 restrictions imposed in a local area, they must comply with these restrictions. Plans for a local area may be affected depending on the specific restrictions and guidance applied. For example, local restrictions may make it advisable to postpone viewings of properties or delay a home move, where possible."


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