C.A.R.L. Technical Specifications

Due to our policy of continual development, the C.A.R.L. system tends to grow and therefore take up more of the system. More RAM and a faster processor will allow C.A.R.L. to run more efficiently. You should keep in mind that, due to the nature of technological development, higher specifications may be required to run future upgrades.

Due to the many different operating environments such as stand alone, UNC Network, Terminal Services or Wireless for example, we have designed a compatibility checker giving you a quick and effective way to ensure your computers will run C.A.R.L. at an optimum level.

The C.A.R.L. Compatibility Checker

Simply click the link below to access the C.A.R.L. Compatibility Checker. Please note the check should be run on all computers where C.A.R.L. will be installed.