C.A.R.L. Installation - Get the Best Possible Start with C.A.R.L.

Installation+ is an exclusive service to C.A.R.L.. This complementary service, which is included in the price of the software*, was developed to give you the best possible start with C.A.R.L..

It provides a dedicated engineer who configures your system, ensuring firewalls and antivirus are set up to allow optimum performance.

C.A.R.L. Web Backup, Mail Centre, Web Exporter and Modify Starting Figures are also installed and setup for you.


Compatibility Checker

To benefit our clients further, we have designed a compatibility checker, which will ensure your computers run C.A.R.L. at the highest possible level.

To download a compatibility checker please click on the link below and follow the instructions, stating which computer you wish to run C.A.R.L. on:

Once the checker has automatically calculated the results, please contact us to discuss any adjustments that may be required.


* NB. We charge for re-installations, prices from £60 + VAT.