The C.A.R.L. Compatibility Checker

The C.A.R.L. Compatibility Checker is a simple, little application that gathers information about your computer so that we can estimate its ability to run C.A.R.L. It is by no means any attempt to covertly obtain private or sensitive information from your system.

It's a stand-alone application — that means you don't need to install it, just download it to your computer and then run.

First you are asked to input your company name. This is simply so that we can tell who sent the information.

Request company name

Sending Your Data

Having told us your company name, all that remains is to send us the system information that the C.A.R.L. Compatibility Checker has compiled for you. Again, this has been made as easy as possible; simply choose one of the three options: Notepad, Email or Direct.

Request company name

  • Notepad
    Clicking Notepad copies the information to the standard Windows application Notepad. You can then Email the file directly to C.A.R.L. using the address Please tell us your name and company name so that we know who we're replying to.

    This option might be particularly useful if you use an Internet based Email service rather than a local Email client application such as Outlook.
  • Email
    Clicking the Email option opens a Write Email window using the application you have installed on your computer with which you receive and send Emails.

    If you don't have an Email client application — such as Outlook or Thunderbird, for example — installed on your computer, you shouldn't use this button. Both the Notepad and Email options allow you to confirm that no additional information will be collected and transmitted to C.A.R.L.
  • Direct
    Direct uses a built-in process to send the information directly to C.A.R.L. This, of course, is the simplest method by which you transmit the information to us. Call us on 01706 508 730, option 1, for more information.

On your system, unless you have a demo version of C.A.R.L. installed, the last line will most probably report that Carlv4 is not installed.


If you have any difficulties using the C.A.R.L. Compaitibility Checker, please feel free to call us on
01706 508 730, option 1.