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C.A.R.L. Lettings Management Software | Property Management Software

Connect Premium

C.A.R.L. Lettings Software

Designed to make a difference within the residential lettings sector

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Letting Industry News

Lettings Industry News

Rent Freeze (Scotland)

The Scottish Government has announced an immediate rent freeze

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Connect Premium


Connect Premium - upload property data to a host of portals

A seamless upload facility enabling you to automatically upload data to a host of portals...

Marketing & Advertising


Marketing & Advertising Your Properties

Within such a competitive market, increasing emphasis is placed on marketing. C.A.R.L. has developed a range of solutions that enables optimal advertising...

Accounting & Reconciliation

Accounting & Reconciliation

Advanced Reconciliation Service

With ever-evolving legislation and increasing regulations to embrace, accounts compliancy has never before been more essential...

Accounting & Reconciliation

Management & Administration

Manage Your Entire Lettings Business With C.A.R.L.

Handle the complete daily management of your lettings business with an abundance of functions designed to free up valuable time...