Manage Your Entire Lettings Business with C.A.R.L.

Portfolio Management - Multiple Companies

Run multiple companies from the same installation. Each portfolio has its own accounts, reports, listings fees and documentation.

Portfolio Management - Office Codes

Assign properties to specific offices, ideal if you have a head office dealing with property management.


C.A.R.L. produces relevant documentation for every step of the lettings management process.

Move-in and Move-out Letters

Send meter readings to Utility Companies and inform Council and other Service Providers when the tenant moves in and out.

Right to Reside

Record your tenants' proof of identity and eligibility for residence.

Weekly Searches

The comprehensive search facility tracks and produces letters for property compliance; tenant rent, renewals and visits; landlord licensing and much more.

Detailed Repair Options

A repair management function with options including contractor quotes, sub-contractors, repair history and batch invoice processing.

Key Log

Track the number of keys held per property and note whether keys have been signed in or out.

Periodic Tenancy

Once C.A.R.L. is aware that the tenancy is periodic it will produce relevant notices to the landlord and tenant.

Property Match

Cross-reference the requirements of individual applicants to available properties.

Landlord HMO and Student Licensing Facilities

The system enables you to deal with HMOs and student licences in accordance with current legislation.


The in-built diary allows you to log and view appointments, print out the day-view or task list and set an appointment reminder.