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C.A.R.L. Lettings Management Software | Property Management Software

Connect Premium

C.A.R.L. Lettings Software

Designed to make a difference within the residential lettings sector

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Letting Industry News

Lettings Industry News

National Trading Standards New compulsory Information

Trading standard have announced that by the end of May 2022 all property listing (lettings) must include the council tax band

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Connect Premium


Connect Premium - upload property data to a host of portals

A seamless upload facility enabling you to automatically upload data to a host of portals...

Marketing & Advertising


Marketing & Advertising Your Properties

Within such a competitive market, increasing emphasis is placed on marketing. C.A.R.L. has developed a range of solutions that enables optimal advertising...

Accounting & Reconciliation

Accounting & Reconciliation

Advanced Reconciliation Service

With ever-evolving legislation and increasing regulations to embrace, accounts compliancy has never before been more essential...

Accounting & Reconciliation

Management & Administration

Manage Your Entire Lettings Business With C.A.R.L.

Handle the complete daily management of your lettings business with an abundance of functions designed to free up valuable time...