C.A.R.L. Accounting


Bank Day Book

Our Bank Day Book lets you see an income or expenditure listing for your client rent account, giving you control over the date range of the report. The functionality is further expanded giving you the ability to combine both income and expenditure in a single report.

User-friendly Client Accounting

The C.A.R.L. Banking System creates a Bank Statement to exactly replicate your Bank Account Statement. This is quick and easy to use allowing for daily account reconciliation.

Emailing Landlord and Contractor Statements

Once a statement has been generated for a landlord or a contractor C.A.R.L. allows you to send the statement via Email.

Integrated Banking System with BACS

The BACS facility enables you to batch a series of payments to landlords or contractors and pay them all with the clickclick of a mouse.

Bulk Rents Received

Select and highlight multiple rents received, especially beneficial when a tenant pays by standing order or the rent is collected pro-rata on the 1st of the month.

Quarterly and Annual Returns/Annual Certificate for Overseas Landlords (CNR)

C.A.R.L. is able to track overseas tax liabilities for landlords that are resident overseas and will automatically deduct tax for those who are yet to attain approval. After each quarter you are able to print a return and, at the end of the year, print a return and also a certificate for each landlord.

Schedule 23 of the Finance Act 2011 for UK Landlords (formerly Section 19)

At the press of a button, you can print an Annual UK Tax Report for all U.K. based landlords on your database.